Testimonial from slave tony

Mistress Cara is without doubt the most amazing woman that I have ever met, or will ever meet – ever. She is the personification of beauty and refined elegance.

When I first visited Her, when She first opened the door She literally took my breath away and my heart missed several beats. She was the woman of my dreams; the woman that I had been searching for all my life. I was captivated and I instantly fell madly in love.

So captivate was I that within a few minutes of meeting Her I was on my knees paying intimate oral homage to Her. Within an hour She was standing over me and urinating directly onto my face and into my mouth – and I was attempting to drink as much of Her golden nectar as I could. In fact on each subsequent visit I have made a point of drinking her delicious golden nectar.

I am not a natural masochist, but when She flogged my buttocks, without any input from myself She instinctively seemed to gauge my pain threshold and managed to reach it and maintain it to perfection.

But my main objective was to worship her wonderful body and She takes great delight in displaying it to perfection for my oral appreciation and grovelling adoration.

She has also been responsible for my most satisfying orgasm – one that took me to the edge of physical understanding and beyond, and one that will remain with me for the rest of my life. My only regret is that the (understandable) limitations on the services that She provides will not allow me to pay my ultimate homage to Her. But I can dream – and I dream of that homage every day.

When my ‘treatment’ is over and the whips and rubber-wear have been put away I am able to relax with the perfect female company. As Slave P has mentioned Mistress Cara certainly enjoys her calling and I get the impression that if She was not dominating for a living She would be doing exactly the same for pleasure.

Mistress Cara is the most perfect woman and most certainly the most charming and elegant dominatrix that one could ever hope to worship. However be warned – if you should be tempted to follow my example and experience Her charms personally you may – just as I have – fall hopelessly in love.

Slave Tony

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