A testimonial from Betty

This wasn’t my first time with London Mistress Cara, I last visited 6 (long!) months ago and on numerous previous occasions. She was amazing – again. A true Dominatrix goodness. Mistress Cara as always, took the time to go through the scenario I was interested to try. She really listens, makes suggestions and puts me at ease when discussing what I have in mind. Mistress Cara is highly intelligent which comes across when discussing scenarios.

As soon as entering her presence I feel totally engulfed by her gravitas and the need to prostrate myself mentally as well as physically before her.
This time the scenario involved domination, body worship, forced fem and slut training.

After telling me to strip naked and get on my knees, she left the room, leaving a pair of he soiled panties behind, only to return to find me licking and smelling them whilst vigorously playing with myself! Mistress was enraged. She slapped me about, spat on me and tortured my nipples, verbally abused me , telling me I was going to suffer for my actions. She then made me confess my sexual fantasies.

Mistress Cara dressed me as a whore slut (called Betty) telling she was going to train me and then pimp me out. After further slaps, she used a leather paddle on my behind whist I was on all fours. She then gave me a large dildo to suck, whilst she ravaged my behind (whilst I was on all fours) with another one which I could see happening in the mirror. I felt totally at her mercy as she vigorously pumped me whilst also verbally abusing me. I felt totally ravaged and in ecstasy. Mistress them paddled my behind some more prior to tying me to the bed and gagging me as I was moaning in pain and considerable pleasure as she tortured my cock, verbally abused and spat on me.

Finally I was so hard and absolutely bursting that I exploded a big load in pleasure. I was then made to lick this up to clean the rubber bed sheet. My degradation and total submission was complete!
London Mistress Cara took me on the most incredible journey, with surprises along the way to the amazing finish. I was with Mistress Cara for two full hours, so the above is just a summary and my words hardly do our session together justice.

Mistress Cara is truly incredible. To be in her presence and controlled by her is both a privilege and a considerable pleasure. I would highly recommend her even though I’d rather be her only supplicant. I’ll be back soon.


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