London Mistress Cara is a feast for the senses – a testimonial

London Mistress Cara is a feast for the senses

It’s been a few weeks since I last paid a visit to London Mistress Cara’s chambers but the time falls away when the door swings open and you are commanded to enter. Following her upstairs is the first of many magical moments that lie ahead as she pauses to allow me to drink in her exquisite body, covered in just a black rubber dress that barely covers her sweet rear and, of course, her shiny thigh boots.

A visit to Mistress Cara is little more than sensory overload; the vision of her petite form, the aroma of rubber that pervades her chambers and the taste of her champagne if you have earned that treat…

As always our session begins in her throne room where she grabs your very soul and draws confessions of how often you have lusted for her, how often you have given in to temptation and self-pleasured yourself plus if you feel any guilt in doing so.

She is the supreme practitioner of domination, knowing exactly how to get inside your head. I confess all and would do anything at this stage to please her. She owns me and she knows it!

In her rubber room I willingly pamper her, stroking her body through the thin rubber dress while her boots tease my pathetic cock. She takes pity on my lustful thoughts and unzips her dress so that I can pay attention to her beautiful, soft and tiny breasts with their prominent nipples. I confess that I could pamper her body whenever she commanded – I believe that regardless of who is Mistress and who is slave, these encounters should be mutually enjoyable…

Mistress knows I get no pleasure from pain but from sensual domination and ultimate degradation. Our session shifts further down that path as we head for the bathroom where I am firmly reminded of my place.

The session concludes with a little more pampering before I am released back to the real world, floating on air and destined to carry on lusting until the next time…

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