The joy of being owned by Mistress Cara

Without question, Mistress Cara has an inherent understanding of the various nuances of BDSM. Not for her the ‘Just do as you’re told, slave’ approach – this exquisite lady can reach deep into your soul and own you from the first meeting.

I frequently find myself thinking of her and it’s hard not to resort to a period of ‘self-satisfaction’ (which I inevitably have to confess to Mistress as she sits imperiously on her throne) and I am helpless to prevent myself lusting over her unique and sensuous figure clad in items from her exotic wardrobe.

My goal is to please her which, in turn, satisfies my own desires from our sessions. And so our revised menu meant that Mistress received a great deal of pampering as I took every care to ensure I treated her as the supreme goddess I know her to be. I would willingly be her permanent live-in slave, attending to her every desire at any time day or night. After all, as she reminds me every time, she owns me and I have willingly accepted that to be true.

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