Testimonial from slave p

This was my second session with Mistress Cara. I am going to try to session with her as often as I possibly can, because for me she presses all the right buttons.

I asked for a 2 hour session, and requested very secure bondage, verbal humiliation and electrics. I was first strapped to the dentist chair.


I was strapped and roped very securely to the chair, so I was helpless and totally under Mistress Cara’s control. I was also hooded and gagged.

Mistress Cara then attached her electrics to me and gave me CBT with some quite powerful jolts, while giving me the delicious verbal humiliation that so many Mistresses cannot or will not do.

After around an hour, I was taken from the dentist chair and strapped into the body bag in another room of Mistress Cara’s extensive dungeon.


I was once again strapped securely into place, hooded and gagged, then subjected to exactly the right amount of pain, even though I’d asked that no safewords be used. Mistress Cara is an expert at gauging my threshold from my reaction to the pain.

Finally I was attached underneath the chair while Mistress Cara peed all over my face.


Mistress Cara excels in what she does. She clearly enjoys it, is well equipped and her tribute is half what many Mistresses charge, even though she is based in London and is an expert Mistress. You can park at her place free of charge and it is close to a tube station.

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