Testimonial from Mr P

Mistress Cara told me she was going to leave me tied up to consider my fate. She tied me to the bed and she left me. I had nothing to do but contemplate my fate, while I admired the extensive array of whips and chains all around me. I heard nothing apart from the occasional moans and screams, both of pleasure and pain, as Mistress Cara occasionally visited and tortured and tormented the other slave, strapped to the dentist’s chair in her medical room. As I listened to his screams, moans and groans, my heart was beating in fear and trepidation. This fear and trepidation was mixed with longing and anticipation. It was a most unusual state of mind I was in. However, now that it is gone. I miss it. I wish I was back there. I have never felt so alive, as I felt lying there, totally unable to escape, both longing for and dreading my Mistress’s return!

As I lay there contemplating my fate and dreaming about what might be and what was soon going to be, I occasionally interrupted my fantasies and speculations to look around me. I was knocked out by what I saw. Mistress really does have a fabulously well equipped dungeon!

The bed on which I was lying was covered in rubber sheeting and it had masses of restraints and equipment connected to it. Although it was a four poster bed, it could also be used as a torture tool, to which a slave could be secured for a beating or prolonged torture.

All around me was Mistress’s fabulous clothing, clothing in leather, rubber and PVC, with some additional clothing that would be appealing to anyone with a taste for magnificence, a whole range of colourful fabrics together with jewelled items that sparkled in the subdued lighting of the dungeon.

On the wall there was a huge array of whips, canes, switches and floggers. Mistress had enough equipment to really hurt someone, if she chose to!

As I lay in this dungeon, I was knocked out by it. This was one of the best equipped dungeons I had ever seen, and I have seen quite a few dungeons in my time! What was even more mind blowing was knowing that this was only one dungeon of three! There was a room next door, which I knew was equally magnificent, because that was where I had had my first session with Mistress Cara. I had not even tried the room in which Mistress Cara keeps her dentist’s chair! Mistress Cara is one exceptionally equipped Mistress. Mistress Cara takes her time, too! She enjoys what she does!

I have met a lot of Mistresses in the 44 years I have been doing this sort of thing. I have spoken on the telephone to a whole lot more. There have been many times when I have spoken to a Mistress on the telephone, where I have thought, “This Mistress is only interested in how much money she can make.” I don’t bother with Mistresses like that, even if they have their own prison cells or look like a model or a Goddess Incarnate. It doesn’t matter how good a Mistress looks or how much equipment she has, if the Mistress’s first interest isn’t in tying you up and making you her slave, the session is not going to be a good one. My sessions with Mistress Cara are always good! Mistress Cara enjoys what she does. She’s very good at it too!

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