Testimonial from Curtsy

I am an ultra Submissive, Masochistic Male who adores being used, abused, Tortured and Humiliated by a Sadistic Mistress. I have been used by lots of Mistresses over the years, but I have always been looking for that special Mistress, and at last I have finally found her.

I arranged an appointment with Mistress Cara recently, and told her I wanted to be taken under her complete control, and for her to increasingly Humiliate and Degrade me. I told Mistress Cara I was looking for a long term Training program, if we got on well together, so I could be taken deeper and deeper into her world.

I was not disappointed when I met Mistress Cara. She was Beautiful and took Total control of me. I really enjoyed the session, especially the verbal abuse and Humiliation.

I knew immediately that I wanted Mistress Cara to own me, and to train me as her Humiliation and Pain Sissy / Pansy. My body is now her property, and I cannot wait for my next training session, when I will become her pretty, Mincing, effeminate, little Sissy Pansy Girl.

Mistress Cara has a very reasonable tribute and really enjoys what she does. She is a Total expert. I fully recommend her.

At last I have found a Mistress who knows how to fulfill my needs.


Your Sissy Lesbian Pansy xx

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