London Mistress

London Mistress Cara is a feast for the senses – a testimonial

London Mistress Cara is a feast for the senses

It’s been a few weeks since I last paid a visit to London Mistress Cara’s chambers but the time falls away when the door swings open and you are commanded to enter. Following her upstairs is the first of many magical moments that lie ahead as she pauses to allow me to drink in her exquisite body, covered in just a black rubber dress that barely covers her sweet rear and, of course, her shiny thigh boots.

A visit to Mistress Cara is little more than sensory overload; the vision of her petite form, the aroma of rubber that pervades her chambers and the taste of her champagne if you have earned that treat…

As always our session begins in her throne room where she grabs your very soul and draws confessions of how often you have lusted for her, how often you have given in to temptation and self-pleasured yourself plus if you feel any guilt in doing so.

She is the supreme practitioner of domination, knowing exactly how to get inside your head. I confess all and would do anything at this stage to please her. She owns me and she knows it!

In her rubber room I willingly pamper her, stroking her body through the thin rubber dress while her boots tease my pathetic cock. She takes pity on my lustful thoughts and unzips her dress so that I can pay attention to her beautiful, soft and tiny breasts with their prominent nipples. I confess that I could pamper her body whenever she commanded – I believe that regardless of who is Mistress and who is slave, these encounters should be mutually enjoyable…

Mistress knows I get no pleasure from pain but from sensual domination and ultimate degradation. Our session shifts further down that path as we head for the bathroom where I am firmly reminded of my place.

The session concludes with a little more pampering before I am released back to the real world, floating on air and destined to carry on lusting until the next time…

London Mistress Cara – a testimonial

London Mistress Cara is a very skilled mistress who clearly enjoys what she does and is indeed very good at what she does. I hadn’t seen Mistress C for some time but was glad I took the time to catch up. She is a charming, interesting, intelligent attractive lady with a lovely smile who will leave you with a sting in the tail…!I thoroughly recommend a visit…..

A highly skilled London Mistress

This was my first meeting with London Mistress Cara.

I was hugely impressed with the way she had presented herself for me – utterly magnificent!

We talked through my requirements and she seemed to intuitively understand what I wanted and how to run the session.

She is highly skilled and was able to effortlessly use me in the exact way I wanted.

I never felt rushed – far from it she was very keen to ensure that I left fully satisfied.

I will definitely return!

A testimonial from Betty

This wasn’t my first time with London Mistress Cara, I last visited 6 (long!) months ago and on numerous previous occasions. She was amazing – again. A true Dominatrix goodness. Mistress Cara as always, took the time to go through the scenario I was interested to try. She really listens, makes suggestions and puts me at ease when discussing what I have in mind. Mistress Cara is highly intelligent which comes across when discussing scenarios.

As soon as entering her presence I feel totally engulfed by her gravitas and the need to prostrate myself mentally as well as physically before her.
This time the scenario involved domination, body worship, forced fem and slut training.

After telling me to strip naked and get on my knees, she left the room, leaving a pair of he soiled panties behind, only to return to find me licking and smelling them whilst vigorously playing with myself! Mistress was enraged. She slapped me about, spat on me and tortured my nipples, verbally abused me , telling me I was going to suffer for my actions. She then made me confess my sexual fantasies.

Mistress Cara dressed me as a whore slut (called Betty) telling she was going to train me and then pimp me out. After further slaps, she used a leather paddle on my behind whist I was on all fours. She then gave me a large dildo to suck, whilst she ravaged my behind (whilst I was on all fours) with another one which I could see happening in the mirror. I felt totally at her mercy as she vigorously pumped me whilst also verbally abusing me. I felt totally ravaged and in ecstasy. Mistress them paddled my behind some more prior to tying me to the bed and gagging me as I was moaning in pain and considerable pleasure as she tortured my cock, verbally abused and spat on me.

Finally I was so hard and absolutely bursting that I exploded a big load in pleasure. I was then made to lick this up to clean the rubber bed sheet. My degradation and total submission was complete!
London Mistress Cara took me on the most incredible journey, with surprises along the way to the amazing finish. I was with Mistress Cara for two full hours, so the above is just a summary and my words hardly do our session together justice.

Mistress Cara is truly incredible. To be in her presence and controlled by her is both a privilege and a considerable pleasure. I would highly recommend her even though I’d rather be her only supplicant. I’ll be back soon.


Look no fursther than the divine London Mistress Cara – a testimonial

If you like, as I do, an elegant, slender, mature, commanding mistress then look no further than the divine London Mistress Cara. Her elegance and poise will captivate completely while her brutal disdain will leave you in no doubt as to who is in charge. Her wonderfully slender figure is a reminder of her former days as a ballerina. This she has combined with maturity to create the persona of a dominant sylphen mistress.

Beware those who think that her wonderfully skinny frame could not administer a suitable punishment. She is the consummate professional in wielding whip and cane, whose marks are a reminder of her supremacy.

My visits to Mistress Cara never fail to leave painful marks and a satisfied soul.

Birthday Pleasures

It was my birthday in the week so my treat to myself was a session with Mistress Cara of London. The need to enjoy the sight, feel, smell and taste of her extensive rubber wardrobe frequently rears its head and I am powerless to resist.

My anticipation of the pleasures awaiting reached fever pitch as she stood on her stairs and beckoned me to follow her exquisitely petite form to her chambers of pleasure.

After a customary chat while Mistress extracted my confession of the times I’d lusted over her since we last met, we moved to her rubber dungeon where I willingly pampered Mistress as she desired. I must have done a satisfactory job as, by way of reward, Mistress proceeded to degrade me in ways that I would only entrust to her.

Whenever I leave her I feel like I’m floating on air. Champagne and caviar may be a luxurious dish but it is as nothing compared to spending time serving London Mistress Cara…

Holiday adventures with London Mistress Cara

The joy of the extended Christmas/New Year holiday meant that I was able to pay a couple of visits to London Mistress Cara and continue my journey of degradation at the hands and deliciously perverted mind of this absolute goddess.

Over time we have developed a close rapport and during the mid-morning sessions that have become our practice and which we secretly refer to as ‘brunch’ should anyone ask, Mistress takes control from the moment I hear the clicking of her heels as she comes to the door. The sound of her long thigh boots in her hallway precedes a view of her diminutive rear as she leads me upstairs to her dungeon and I allow myself a moment of pleasure admiring her petite figure, clad in clinging rubber.

Once seated at her throne, she demands my detailed confession of the many and regular lustful thoughts I’ve had about her since our last meeting. Her cut-glass, commanding, voice demonstrates her exquisite power over her slaves. It is clear that she enjoys this moment and as anyone who has the good fortune to serve her will know, Mistress is the most genuine and skilled practitioner of the art of domination that anyone could wish to find.

Naked,or sometimes wearing my own latex, I follow her to the rubber room, where I spend time worshipping her boots; sucking the heels like a cock,licking the detritus from the soles and trailing my hands and tongue the full length of the shiny black leather. Meanwhile, Mistress teases me with her deviant thoughts and suggestions, threatening to keep me as a permanent slave for her personal use at any time she wishes and to perform whatever act she chooses, no matter how perverted, disgusting or degrading it may be. I would willingly allow her to do just that…

Mistress fully understands the nuances of BDSM. She gets deep into your head and dominates your thoughts between visits. My confessions usually reveal just how often I think of her rubber-clad body, how I dream of stroking it and pampering her but also knowing that’s a treat I have to work hard to earn but one which, when granted, is the most sublime moment as I feel her body heat through the thin rubber.

Mistress knows I’m not into pain and punishment but derive pleasure from sensual domination and degradation without limits. Mistress is equally sensual and her darkly perverted mind (which she freely admits to having) has led me down a path of degradation that, until I met a Mistress that I immediately felt I could trust implicitly, I felt might only ever remain in the realms of fantasy.

My journey with London Mistress Cara continues…

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