Birthday Pleasures

It was my birthday in the week so my treat to myself was a session with Mistress Cara of London. The need to enjoy the sight, feel, smell and taste of her extensive rubber wardrobe frequently rears its head and I am powerless to resist.

My anticipation of the pleasures awaiting reached fever pitch as she stood on her stairs and beckoned me to follow her exquisitely petite form to her chambers of pleasure.

After a customary chat while Mistress extracted my confession of the times I’d lusted over her since we last met, we moved to her rubber dungeon where I willingly pampered Mistress as she desired. I must have done a satisfactory job as, by way of reward, Mistress proceeded to degrade me in ways that I would only entrust to her.

Whenever I leave her I feel like I’m floating on air. Champagne and caviar may be a luxurious dish but it is as nothing compared to spending time serving London Mistress Cara…

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