My return to Mistress Cara was inevitable because my need to be owned and controlled by such a powerful woman is overwhelming. She is naturally cruel, sadistic and merciless. She views all men as totally inferior and useless objects. Brutally abusing and degrading them seems to come effortlessly to her. Absolute power is what I crave and it seems I cannot escape her.

My greatest desire is to worship Mistress Cara. I will endure the most unimaginable levels of abuse and degradation to earn this right. Mistress Cara is perfectly equipped to inflict horrendous levels of abuse on me and she does. I am turned into a slut, pimped, abused, slapped and spat at. My self-respect is totally destroyed but I cannot escape. I want Mistress to destroy me. I want her to destroy me utterly. I don’t know what else to do. I live to suffer for my Mistress. I live to be tortured by her.

I belong to Mistress Cara. I will be hers until I die!

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