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I had admired Mistress Cara from her website for some time and was confident that she was the Mistress for me. This was confirmed when I phoned her and heard her sultry, sexy voice. She took an interest in my needs and I sensed that she was looking forward to our two hour session as much as I was.

I arrived at the allotted time and was mesmerised when Mistress Cara opened the door. She was sheer perfection, dressed in white blouse, black skirt, stockings and heels as I had requested. Her long black hair framed her lovely face and her lips were bright red with perfectly applied lipstick.

I followed Mistress Cara upstairs admiring her gorgeous slender legs. We went into one of her playrooms and she ordered me to strip and kneel before her as she sat on her throne. She then made me lick her heels, warning me of the consequence of failing to do a thorough job. My tongue worked on both heels, ensuring every inch was cleaned. As I lifted Mistress’s leg to clean the sole, I caught a brief glimpse up her skirt at white panties. Mistress noticed my gaze and was furious that, as her slave, I had dared to look up her skirt. She jumped up and selected a thin, single tail whip. Ordering me over a bench, she told me that for my impertinence I would receive twenty whip strokes, which she ordered me to count. Each stroke was agony, as she meant business, pausing to admire the effect of each lash. I was able to see the result of her work in the mirror as each welt reddened. I revelled in the intense pain, enjoying the sight of Mistress putting all her effort into ensuring that my bottom would suffer.

Mistress decided she wanted me to worship her gorgeous legs and removed her skirt so that my tongue could easily access everything from her toes to her stocking tops. I was of course in trouble when I reached her thighs and could enjoy the view of her hairy labia poking out of the side of her panties. My tongue automatically crept up her smooth flesh but I had gone beyond the limit of Mistress’s orders and she told me my punishment would be twenty five cane strokes. She ordered me to bend over and selected a thin rattan cane, which whistled through the air with each, accurately laid stroke. Mistress clearly enjoyed her task, as she turned my backside into a palette of angry raised red and purple welts.

Mistress then moved me to her other dungeon where a bed was covered with a rubber sheet. Mistress used rope to tie me, spreadeagled to it. Now, having removed her panties, she straddled my face. I was in heaven as her precious warm yellow piss fell into my mouth and I drank greedily.

Being a huge admirer of mature, dominant women who are tall and slender, I was already in seventh heaven, suffer under Mistress Cara’s whip hand and verbal abuse. I was desperate to see what I knew must be pretty little tits and begged Mistress to reveal them. She knew I had brought my own nipple torture device and ordered me to apply the weighted hooks to my own nipples. My nipples stretched to about three quarters of an inch, as the heavy weighs dangled beneath them. Mistress partially unbuttoned her blouse but did not reveal her breast. Only after a further whipping would that happen. I eagerly bent over to receive a further thirty cane strokes, each one delivered with practiced force. Mistress added five more strokes for forgetting to count.

Mistress administered twenty very painful strokes resulting in the upper side of my cock becoming heavily bruised. She then allowed me to finger her perfect little titties and those gorgeous nipples. I am in awe of Mistress Cara and would willingly have suffered the whipping, caning and nipple torture all over again in order to be in her presence and to worship her mature beauty.

I have already discussed my next session with Mistress Cara and can hardly wait to see her again.

Thank you Mistress. You are in my dreams.

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